No.2 Private Cinema

Private Cinema, 2019


Open Cinema


Work’s title: Private Cinema

Duration: 5:20 min

Media: Animation, Video, Audio

Materials: TV Screen, Audio set, Velvet Fabric

Private Cinema is a mixed media installation artwork. It is combined an animation work inside with a cinema setting installation outside. The animation works have seven parts, they are ‘fluxion’, ‘mysterious nipples’, ‘mutualism’, ‘a room with a view’, ‘the hall’, ‘my pillow’ and ‘an uncertainty’. This animation gets inspired by soft emotions in daily life. ‘Hard’ emotions tend to cover up our ‘soft’ emotions and it is the expression of soft emotions, including our feelings of vulnerability that build intimacy and closeness. Abstract expressions are used in animation to help develop a sense of sensitive emotions. Especially in the part ‘mutualism’ and ‘an uncertainty’, the emotions have been magnifications.

As part of the group show, the last part of the animation has also explored with the main theme of this exhibition (last part of the animation). What behind the peaceful surface is usually uncertainty.

The animation is set in a cinema installation, there have the curtains to create a private space for the animations, but the curtains are half long, so when audiences visit this work, actually they can be seen they are in this installation. This work aims to explore and discuss the relationships between private space and public space, and also related to personal feelings.

This installation is for two people each time but during the exhibition, even though the audience has noticed there have no enough seats, they still come inside to see what’s inside. It is a private cinema installation but set in a public gallery, and when the audience walk-in, as the number of people changes, the public or private issues become part of the exploration of this installation work.

To set a private space, is that helpful for the audience to feel the sensitive emotions in the work? Maybe yes, the semi-closed space was originally designed to create a private space in public. Inject emotion into the private space, so the audience may have the opportunity to relax and immersive into the work.

Pecha Kucha 20×20 + Exhibition Poster