I am interested in motion graphics, film, and video installation as one can see from my previous study and practice.

In my previous study and practice, I have focused on the relationships between audiences and space, in addition to the problem of urbanization, and the struggle between culture and the moving city. In my BA graduate works, I have practiced with the experimental immersive technique.

While carrying out my research and practice during my postgraduate study, I was trying different practice methods when developing my ideas, such as sculptures and motion graphics. My recent work has mainly focused on video installation and performance art. In the works 'Insomnia' and 'Personality', my research area has begun to revolve around the topic of the subconscious, and I have been inspired by body language and psychological research. What's inside a person's heart or deep in their emotions represents the secret they are trying to hide. There is a reflection buried inside of everybody's mind from their daytime life. And these hidden feelings or subconscious affect us all the time. Video installation (image) and performance art help me to develop and express my emotions in my works to my audiences. These practices translate my abstract concepts and emotions into actual images and sounds that can be communicated to the audience. I usually get inspired by the things around me, and sometimes sensitive emotions can also be a trigger for me to practice and create some works. Also, my works have largely been inspired by artists Joan Jonas and Pina Bausch and film directors such as David Lynch and Tsai Ming-Liang. In their works, the methods and the way they express their emotions are powerful in a sensitive way.  

My future practice will continue to focus on film and video installations, especially around the topic of exploration of the self-consciousness and the relationship between space and emotional consciousness.